Jeff Williams’ CPD Clinic

Jeff WilliamsJeff Williams enhanced his already prestigious reputation, and helped the development of Scottish Volleyball,  with the delivery of an outstanding CPD clinic on Sunday 23rd January 2011.  The gym at Coltness High School was filled with inquisitive coaches and enthusiastic players who all responded positively to Jeff’s inspiring delivery.

Jeff Williams ClinicThe theme of the clinic was developing a multi-point offence, with the key elements being the timings and linkages required to play at speed. The players who were the ‘guinea pigs’ for Jeff’s musing were from various Clubs in the first and second divisions of the men’s National League; they all worked their socks off.  The players deserve the highest praise for their focussed efforts, for the enthusiasm with which they tackled the tasks set for them by Jeff Williams, and for the clear progress they made.

One of the things that always impresses me when working with coaching colleagues at a clinic is the intensity of the observations and subsequent discussions which surround the activities in the gym.  The Scottish Coaches had travelled form all over the place to get to Wishaw, and they were intent upon using the time to its fullest.  Throughout the day there were pockets of coaches all over the gym comparing notes, exchanging observations, seeking a clarity of understanding that would help them implement Jeff’s work in their own situations…… was energising and hugely enjoyable.

Jeff Williams ClinicThe whole day passed in a blur of activity.  It was terrific! Jeff interacted with the group of players and with individuals within the group.  He welcomed the constant stream of questions being posed by the coaches, and the atmosphere in the gym sparkled, and then I looked at my watch and it was done!  So soon?  Where did the time go? I looked at the tired, but happy smiles on the faces of the players and realised that the time had been spent in the most positive  manner.

Jeff Williams ClinicJeff and I talked as we drove to the airport; he had been very happy with the response of the players; he had been impressed with the level of involvement from the coaches; he thought the evidence was clear that the Scottish game is in good shape, if the activities at the clinic were to be used as a measuring stick…..and I agreed with all he said.

My very grateful thanks to the players and coaches who made this such a very enjoyable experience, and many many thanks to my friend Jeff Williams for the excellence of his delivery, and the support he continues to offer Scottish Volleyball.

Thomas Dowens
SVA Director of Coaching

Photographs used by kind permission of Lynne Marshall and Mike Heaney