The Fast Track Programme


The Fast Track Programme was introduced to Scottish Volleyball in season 2006/07.  It is designed to ‘fast track’ the best of our young talent through to the National Team Programmes, and beyond.  The Fast Track Programme is also designed to help improve the performance standards of the Schelde National Leagues, and the Junior National Leagues  by focussing on the key role of the setter within the game.

The success;

So far this season we have had two successful Fast Track days – Day 3  will see the programme extend further with the introduction of  the Northern Development FT Clinic in Aberdeen.

The Details
The Date Sunday 6th February
The Venues Colntness High School in Wishaw (10.00 – 16:00)
the Shell Woodbank facility in Aberdeen (11.00 – 17.00)
The Theme developing the ability of the setter to control the ball, and jump setting
The Presenters                           SVA Staff Coach John Scrimgeour in Aberdeen
SVA Director of Coaching Thomas Dowens in Coltness

If you are working as a setter in the JNL, or the Schelde National League, then you are eligible to participate in these clinics, and they are free to both players and Coaching Staff………it’s a great deal!

Signing up for the Fast Track;

To sign up for the Fast Track you need to be nominated by your coach.  The nominations should be sent through to Kirsteen at the SVA Office – the contact details are below.  The hope is that your coach will attend the sessions with you, to help make the practices work smoothly, to learn about the role of the setter with you, to engage in the processes of improvement with you.

Both of the Fast Track Clinics on Sunday February 6th will be intense, both will be fun, both will be rewarding, both will be demanding and to be there you need to get your Coach to nominate you.  Places on this Fast Track day will be limited, so act now!

Contact Kirsteen at the SVA Office or by phone 0131 556 4633 and we will get back to you with details, and hopefully the offer of a place.  Make a date, this one is important.

Thomas Dowens
SVA Director of Coaching
January 2011

Photograph by kind permission of Mike McConville and Lynne Marshall