The Scottish School’s Cup…..a volleyball success story

Scottish Cup The Scottish Schools Cup competition , now in its third year, has continued to grow in size ‘year on year’, and has seen a 24% increase in entries since being re-introduced.  A 24%  increase in entries is a tremendous achievement and testimony to the popularity of playing volleyball across the range of Scottish Schools..  The most significant area of growth is in the S1 tournament, with this year a number of schools entering the Cup for the first time. This augers well for the future of the game, and provides a fabulous experience for all involved.

So far this year all of the competitions are progressing nicely.  The early rounds of the competitions outwith the SI event have been successfully negotiated, and we are at the exciting semi final stage with all of them.  In the S1 competition the teams are getting ready to play their first round by the time of the Christmas holidays.

The senior competition has also witnessed the introduction of a Plate competition for the teams who do not make it to the semi final stage. The aim of this project is to ensure that the pupils have more opportunities to develop and participate in meaningful and competitive matches. The early feedback is that the introduction of the Plate competition has been viewed as a positive step and one that may be extended to the s2/3 competition for next season’s tournament.

Scottish CupSo all in all the Scottish School’s Cup competitions are progressing well, and growing in size, and that’s simply great for volleyball in Scotland.

The finals of this year’s competition will once again take place at Coatbridge High school in North Lanarkshire.  The Girls’ Finals Night will be on Tuesday 22nd March 2011, and the Boys’ Finals Night on Thursday 24th March 2011.  Get these dates in your diary!  Last year the two nights provided a feast of volleyball entertainment, whether you were there as a player, a coach, a match official, a spectator, parent, friend or supporter…..this year will be even bigger and better!
If you wish to keep track of the competition scores please follow the link below and as the games are completed, the scores will be posted on the website.

Scottish School’s Cup volleyball…….great!

Greg Coburn
Schools Cup Co-ordinator