‘Fast Track 2009’

‘Fast Track 2009’
Session II – the setters and the outside spikers
Date         Saturday 7th November 2009
Time         10.00 – 16.00
Subject     Fast Track Setters and Outside Spikers day.

The first of the 2009 Fast Track sessions which looked in detail at the work of the setters was excellent.  The energy created by the group was inspiring, and the work of the highest quality…..so time to move on.

Fast Track Session II will look at the links between the setter and the outside hitters.  It will focus on the role of the passer / hitter, and the role of the powerhouse off setter.  It will examine the timing linkages which are required for the different situations which appear, and pay close attention to the tactics which are required from all concerned.

The clinic is open to all coaches who wish to participate, and to all setters who attended Fast Track Day 1.  The setters from day 1 will be supported by outside spikers from their club – nominations for the outside hitting slots are invited from the clubs in question.

Places on this Fast Track day will be limited, so get your Coach to nominate you now…….this one will also be important.

Contact me at the SVA Office by Email, or by phone if you have any questions..

Thomas Dowens
SVA Director of Coaching

The other Fast Track Clinics will be;

Saturday 6th February     Middle Blockers and Setters
Saturday 13th March       Whole squad

Photographs by kind permission of John McGugan