The ‘GAME ON’ programme

What is the ‘Game On’ Programme?   

The ‘Game On’ Programme is part of the overall ‘menu’ of CPD Clinics offered to Scottish Coaches.

Yes, but what is it?

It’s a programme designed to help those who are participating to learn more about the skills and tactics of  match coaching.

How does it work?

The participant coaches turn up on the day with their team at an agreed venue and either play a series of competitive sets against an opposition, or play in a tournament.

How will that help them learn about match coaching?

Well while they are coaching their team in competition, the participants will receive support from one of the SVA Staff Coaches.

What kind of support?

Things to look for to help them understand the tactics of the game, how the game is being influenced by specific players, or situations, how to judge when to use a time out – what to say at time outs, how to avoid simply asking the players for more effort……lots of support.

So when is this course?

The first date is Sunday October 11th at Coltness High School 10.00 – 16.00 – there will be a second date later in the season.

What are the criteria for someone to sign up?

Those involved have to be registered with the SVA and we can take a maximum of four participants…’s quite demanding of all concerned…..

How much does it cost?

Nothing!  The course is heavily supported by the SVA Coach Education Programme.

Who do we contact if we are interested?

Mail Kirsteen at the SVA Office or phone to say you are keen to get involved.  Further details will follow.. 
Jeff Williams & Iain Parker

Thomas Dowens
SVA Director of Coaching
August 31st  2009