Special Events Team

Special Events Team at WorkIt’s the start of the new season and you may be involved in your own pre season training in preparation for competition. Special Events are in pre-season training as well… we are trying to recruit some new members to boost our numbers and help to run more high-class events in Scotland.

Being involved in the Special Events Team is a highly rewarding job. Behind the scenes of our top events is a busy, thriving, energetic place and we need more people to be involved. Our team take on roles such as Court managers, technical managers, courtside assistant managers as well as being involved in the set up and take down of the court.

It’s not enough just to be a player in a club. If you are a new player or whether you have been involved for a number of years, you’ll understand how important it is for our events to be run smoothly. To do this though, we need more people. People who are prepared to give up a little time. People who are enthusiastic and willing to help. In short – Volleyball People.

If you think you can offer us some of your time, then please get in touch – email. Become a part of our team and help us to make our events bigger, better and stronger!


Cup Finals 2009