Final Whistle Media – Player of the Year

Mel CouttsIt’s voting time again for the 2009 FINALWHISTLEMEDIA, Player of the Year. 

Last year Mel Coutts won the women’s competition, with Lynne Beattie, Elaine Krawczyk and Jill Runciman also being recognised as having performed with excellence. .  You only have to speak to those who have been mentioned to realise the importance of these awards.  It is a wonderful acknowledgment of the efforts of the players to help their team win, by the  players with whom they share the performance stage. 

In years gone by the project has enjoyed fantastic support from the clubs and the individuals who populate Division I of the Schelde Sports National League.   It is very much hoped that this year will be the same.

Niall CollinsLast year the men’s event was won by Dundee’s Niall Collins, who was a hugely popular winner.  Glasgow Mets were well represented with Ivan Poupaznick and Alan Krawczyk, and Julien Corsini from the Jets completed the top four. 

This year?

Voting forms are available from Thursday 5th March.  They have been sent to Division I Clubs, and Coaches, but can also be available to individuals on request from the SVA Office. 

To be included in the count the completes forms must be returned by Monday 30th March. 

The eventual winner of this year’s Player of the Year Awards will be identified at the Scottish Cup Finals on Sunday 19th April at Wishaw Sports Centre.

Good luck to all involved, and please support this wonderful event by exercising your vote.