Out One Door and In Another

Jenni Lloyd

Change is a fact of life and the Scottish Volleyball Association is in the midst of a flurry of change!

After three years Jenni Lloyd has left her job as Youth Development Manager of Scottish Volleyball and is now travelling around the world before going to settle back in Canada.

Jenni has galvanised Scottish Youth Volleyball through her enthusiasm and experience. Many young players today owe their involvement to Jenni’s festivals and competitions which she always organised with a smile.

We wish you luck with your travels and future Jenni! 

In contrast to this, a new face has entered the Scottish Volleyball Association as Administration Assistant. Louise McGinlay will be working with Scottish Volleyball for a year before going on to Edinburgh University to study Archaeology and continue part time with the Association. Louise McGinlay

Louise has played volleyball with Team Fife Olympiad for the last seven years and since then has become a referee, entered the Junior National league, became Junior Beach Champion in 2005 and has competed in the Olympiad twice.

Louise can be contacted via email